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Here at Nexum, we are committed to the continuos improvement of the quality of our services through:

  1. close, long term and frank relationships with our Customers to understand where Nexum can get better
  2. professional growth of the whole team through internal and external trainings
  3. procedures that systematically check the level of the Customer satisfaction
  4. ethic and positive “company climate”
  5. attention to safety and wholesomeness at work
  6. certifications (which we partially show here below)

Responsible for safety (RSPP) is “in-house” for a continuos relationship with the personnel in order to improve the safety procedures. The person in charge is telecommunication engineer Luca Guerra who follows specific trainings regularly.

Doing work at height, personnel owns all levels of certifications: from trainings regarding the use of specific PPE to the higher level of rope access.

Most of the team has been trained to the use of aerial work platforms.

Personnel involved in Marine and Oil & Gas missions owns highest level certifications such as BOSIET, ERP and so on.

Additional specific trainings for the Oil & Gas market, that our personnel owns, is H2S training, just to mention one.