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Line-Of-Sight and RF interference measurements

Prior to install new radiating telecommunication equipment such as radio links or base stations, a RF survey (all directions and, at least, all the bands which will be used) is strongly recommended (in most cases is legally mandatory). Sometime the quality of the communications of existing plants worsen and the research for RF interference sources becomes necessary. Again, in few cases, simulators can’t guarantee a really free Line-Of-Sight and so, prior to install a new radio link system (spending time and money) is better to verify. In all these cases, our team gives a fast and reliable answer from 2 GHz up to 30 GHz. Nexum usually offers these services to mobile operators, broadcasters and government.

Nexum owns many sets of measurement instruments with their accessories. They include high sensitivity portable measurement instruments, horn antennas, low noise figure preamplifiers, low loss coaxial cables.

Spectrum analysis is our most important and more used measurement instrument. Often these measures are performed at the top of a telecom tower or a telecommunication pole. For this reason, low weight, battery powered, small dimensions are a must. It’s not easy to find all those features combined with high sensitivity and low noise figure… After many years of measurements, we selected Advantest U3771, Keysight Field Fox and Keysight HSA which Nexum owns in several units.

To isolate the exact direction from where the RF interference comes, Nexum uses an extensive set of horn antennas (from large to narrow bandwidth). All of them, like all our instruments, own the calibration certificate.

To increase the measurement dynamics, often Nexum adds RF preamplifiers to the chain. All our preamplifiers boasts a noise figure higher than 35 dB (typical 40dB). To get the best performances, we usually install a RF isolators at both input and output of our preamplifiers.

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