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Electromagnetic pollution evaluation and safety at work places

Electromagnetic fields are usually generated by telecommunication equipment as well as large electrical plants. Nexum owns a great experience in radio frequency (and all related regulations), specific measurement instruments and possesses all qualifications to issue reports with legal value. Nexum offers these services to broadcasters and mobile operators (to certify that existing or new plants operate within the limits of applicable regulations), to government (railway operators and agencies) and to public and private companies to certify the safety and wholesomeness of work places.

Measurement instruments

Nexum’s test bench includes many measurement instruments. One of them is a portable electromagnetic field meter equipped with its probes. It operates stand alone or connected with a laptop by an optical fiber cable in order to keep the instrument electrically isolated. One of the probes often used is for wide band measurements (from 100 kHz up to 7 GHz). It is an isotropic sensor and measures electromagnetic fields from 0,35 V/m up to 450 V/m. This test bench is normally adopted for measurements in mobile telephony (GSM, GSM-R, DCS, UMTS, LTE), Wi-Fi and broadcasting.

Another probe which Nexum adopted is an isotropic sensor suitable for the measurements of low frequency (from 5 Hz up to 100 kHz) electromagnetic fields. Its measurements are performed in 3 axis (x, y, z) by means a powerful built-in spectrum analyzer. A specific software suite, also in this case, allows the data management.

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