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Digital radio links – Rai Way (Italian public broadcaster)

Nexum and its partner Elber (leading manufacturer of microwave links) are currently rolling-out a huge number of 6 & 10 GHz links to improve the DVB-T coverage in peripheral areas. Nexum is taking care of survey, site engineering, interferential measurements, installation and commissioning. Final Customer is Rai Way (Italian public broadcaster).

Project details

Activity starts with interference measurements in both 6 & 10 GHz bands to ensure that no other links are operating in that area over the same channels. If in doubt, LOS (Line Of Sight) can be verified as well. If existing wave guides still look good, they will be reused once they have been certified. If they will show to be damaged or not suitable, new wave guides will be run and tested (VSWR). An accurate site survey report will be issued together with our site engineering proposal for the evaluation of the Customer’s engineering department.

Once site engineering has been approved, Nexum starts with the complete installation (custom carpentry, parabolic antennas, wave guides, earthing, cabinets, equipment, wirings, pressurization and so on) if nothing can be reused.

Antenna installation

Icebreaker installation

Site survey

Radio coverage

Bandwidth verification

Final commissioning, at the presence of both Elber & Rai Way field engineers, certifies the successful operativeness of the new link.