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Extensive experience at the service of our Customers

Nexum was born in 2008, but the experience in Telecommunications of its founders starts many years before: after a long term challenging experience into all fields of the telecommunication market, it was time to start their own business adventure. Nexum started supporting broadcasters and mobile operators and later on, all other sectors of the Telecommunications have been developed. Actually Nexum covers the whole spectrum of the Telecommunications. Nexum operates in Italy and abroad providing tailored services for its Customers. Our team is glad to provide its services from small feasibility studies to large turn-key telecommunication systems. Nexum’s portfolio of services includes: site surveys, feasibility studies, engineering, system integration, commissioning and maintenance activities. These services are provided to Oil & Gas market, TLC system integrators, mobile operators, broadcasters, railway operators and government. Our motto is “it doesn’t matter how difficult it is, if we’re talking about Telecommunications Nexum can do it”

Digital radio links – Rai Way (Italian public broadcaster)

Nexum, together with radio link manufacturer Elber, is currently providing turn-key services (site survey, engineering, installation and commissioning) to the Italian public broadcaster Rai WayTarget is to improve the country-wide coverage of DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV). The equipment to rollout are digital radio links with ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface bridges) interface operating in 6 and 10 GHz bands. These days 57 links of a total of 77 have been successfully commissioned.

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5kW DVB-T transmitters – Rai Way (Italian public broadcaster)

During the Italian ATV (analog TV) switch off, Nexum in partnership with Telsat (Italian distributor for Plisch TV transmitters) rolled out a turn-key project to Rai Way (Italian public broadcaster). At the Turrisi transmitting site, located few kilometers away from the beautiful beaches of Gallipoli – Puglia, Nexum installed a liquid cooled DVB-T transmitting system of 5kW (4 x DVB MUXes combined together by a COM-TECH filter).

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TLC tower works – Rai Way (Italian public broadcaster)

In the downtown of Milan, at the top of the telecom tower of Rai Way‘s historical site (corso Sempione) Nexum moved many parabolic antennas to replace the old Rai logo with the new one. This activity at corso Sempione, being northern Rai Way hub, required tower activities in all other link ends and accurate tower engineering.

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Off-shore platforms West Franklin & Elgin B – Rosetti Marino (EPCI group)

Nexum supported its Customer Rosetti Marino with engineering, FAT at TLC system vendors, installation and commissioning for two off-shore platforms at Marina di Ravenna’s yard, not so far from the famous beaches of Rimini and our operational headquarters. Once installed in the North Sea, Nexum supported Rosetti Marino with the off-shore SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and start-up. Oil & Gas operator was Total UK.

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MASSIVE ATV system at Manila, Philippines – MCI & Solar (broadcaster)

In joint-venture with world-class broadcasting equipment manufacturer Screen Service, Nexum successfully commissioned an ATV (Analog TV) “digital ready ” transmitting system of huge (!!) RF power: 60 + 60 kW (liquid cooled). Nexum supported the local distributor MCI and final Customer Solar with: site survey, site engineering, civil works, custom carpentry, site restructuring, installation, commissioning, start-up and technical trainings. Transmitting system will soon be reconverted to digital.

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