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Nexum portfolio of services

Nexum with its services covers the whole spectrum of Telecommunications. From networking to radio links, from engineering to RF coverage enhancement, from broadcasting to fiber optic systems, Nexum has got a solution. Extensive experience, passion for our job and a complete set of state-of-the-art measurement instruments allow us to support our Customers with competitive and quality services. Nexum operates in Italy and abroad with small to large organizations including big names and small companies that approach Telecommunications marginally. Nexum portfolio of services can be tailored to fit all necessities, from feasibility studies to the supply of turn-key large telecommunication systems.

Telecommunication services for the Marine and Oil & Gas markets

Nexum boasts 20 years old experience in Telecommunications for the Oil & Gas market (off-shore & on-shore) and for the shipbuilding industry in general. Marine environment forces to approach engineering and installation in a different way compared with on-shore applications. Nexum works with Oil & Gas Operators as well as with EPC Companies and System Integrators. Knowledge covers all kinds of “on-board” systems.

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Electromagnetic pollution evaluation and safety at work places

Electromagnetic fields are usually generated by telecommunication equipment as well as large electrical plants. Nexum owns a great experience in radio frequency (and all related regulations) and specific measurement instruments and possesses all qualifications to issue reports with legal value. Nexum offers these services to broadcasters and mobile operators (to certify that existing or new plants operate within the limits of applicable regulations), to government (railway operators and agencies) and to public and private companies to certify the safety and wholesomeness of work places.

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Line-Of-Sight and RF interference measurements

Prior to install new radiating telecommunication equipment such as radio links or base stations, a RF survey (all directions and at least the bands which will be used) is strongly recommended (in most cases is legally mandatory). Sometime the quality of the communications of existing plants worsen and the research for RF interference sources becomes necessary. Again, in few cases, simulators can’t guarantee a really free Line-Of-Sight and so, prior to install a new radio link system (spending time and money) is better to verify. In all these cases, our team gives a fast and reliable answer. Nexum usually offers these services to mobile operators, broadcasters and government.

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Telecommunication engineering

Nexum offers telecommunication engineering with a 360° vision, site surveys, site engineering, sales & pre-sales support, feasibility studies, team leading, project management. All these services are deeply tailored to fit our Customer necessities.

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Installation & commissioning of telecommunication systems

During the last 10 years, Nexum successfully installed & commissioned all kinds of telecommunication systems: from large liquid cooled TV transmitters to PDH & SDH radio links, from NDBs to VSAT links, from TETRA to base stations for mobile standards. We made it in Italy and abroad. We made it into an air-conditioned telecom room, off-shore and at the top of the Alps. We suggest to take a look at the reference page for more information.

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