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TLC tower works – Rai Way (Italian public broadcaster)

Rai Way commissioned to Nexum to move some parabolic antennas at the top of telecom tower at its historical site in the downtown of Milan (corso Sempione). The reason for moving the antennas was to replace the old Rai logo with the new one. We moved three parabolic antennas (60cm. diameter for PVT link at 18 GHz, 120cm. diameter at 11 GHz, 200cm. diameter at 11 GHz to Monte Rena). Obviously we had to visit all other link ends to redo the antenna pointing. Job was particularly critical because corso Sempione is Rai Way‘s northern hub. Accurate tower engineering and custom carpentry were necessary.

Project details

This is tower’s north face where most of the activities were done. This picture refers to the old Rai logo which is clearly visible.

It was not an easy job because the tower is very high and being at the extreme top there were not any anchoring point. Nexum had to design, realize, temporary install and dismantle a custom structure.

Parabolic antenna 200cm

Parabolic antenna 120cm

PVT towards Cologno

PVT towards RTI

PVT towards Stevenson