Case History: Radio Coverage

Renewing 14 km of radiopropagation infrastructure on the Luino Novara railway track

The tunnels on the Luino Novara railway track have been involved in major structural works. Nexum, with the supervision of GCF, was responsible for the functional refurbishment of the radiopropagation systems. The existing active equipment was recycled and in many cases, it was necessary to replace the radiating cable.
We took care of the inspection, the functional verification of all the equipment inside the tunnels, the system configuration, and the recovery of the malfunctioning equipment. It was needed the replacement of a large part of the radiating cable and we replaced all the pigtails of connection with the equipment. We also tested and replaced most of the galvanic separators at the tunnel portals. All activities were coordinated and managed by GCF teams in collaboration with RFI staff at the Milan office.
At the end of the activities, all the systems were restored (about 14 Master Stations and 40 internal equipment) and then proceeded with the plant testing. The tests were performed by dedicated instrumentation (signal receiver with an application developed by Nexum and Triorail test telephone). For each system, all the test documentation and system configuration documentation has been released.

‘Le Befane’ shopping centre (Located in Rimini) multistandard and multioperator system

In collaboration with Site Spa and Huawei Italia we have installed a radio coverage system able to transport several operators and different systems on all useful frequency ranges.  The technology is Lampsite 3.0 by Huawei. We have installed a Hub station that drives three RRU connected by fiber optic. Each RRU manages 8 active antennas (for a total of 24) that carry out the excellent radio coverage of the mall. The active antennas are remotely fed through the data connection realized with LAN cat.6A cable.

Radiocoverage study of the SS36 Lecco -Colico tunnels with iBwave design tool

In partnership with Site and Nokia Network, Nexum’s engineers were involved in the design for the upgrade of the radiopropagation network of the operator WindTre on the SS 36 along the Como lake.