Who we are

Nexum is a telecommunication company. Nexum, based in Rimini, operates in Italy and abroad. Company’s portfolio of services includes: engineering, consulting, project management, installations, radio-frequency measurements and system integration. Customers include small and large companies and most of the “big names” of the industry.
Nexum was incorporated on February 2008  thanks to a long term experience in the Telecommunications achieved by its founders. Over the years, Nexum’s staff has increased, with the introduction of new professionals and with the opening of new telecommunication markets. At the beginning, the reference markets were re-broadcasting systems for railway tunnels and installation of broadcasting systems. Later on, during the TV switch-off period (switching from analog to digital TV), we developed many transmission system (up to 5 kW of RF output power), many microwave links (ASI, PDH & SDH) and many TLC systems in general, on behalf of Rai Way, Mediaset and many other broadcasters.
Once Italian digital TV roll-out was completed, still working with broadcasters & mobile operators, Nexum approached new markets and new countries. In 2010, thanks to the experience gained in the past in “Telecommunications for the Oil & Gas operators”, a new business unit was opened, providing telecommunication engineering and installations to our Customers.
In 2012, “AIE & RF measurements” business unit was also created to offer to our Customers the evaluation of the impact of electromagnetic fields & RF measurements in general. Nexum offers these services to mobile operators, broadcasters, government & private companies (safety at work places).
Actually Nexum engineers, installs, commissions and maintains all kind of small and large telecommunication systems in Italy and abroad.

The Nexum's Team

Here at Nexum, we believe that quality Work can still be a value
Alberto Monti
Alberto MontiSenior engineer
Alberto has got a great experience in Telecommunications having been R&D manager for a long time. His great knowledge in complex challenging scenarios makes him our reference point when, from the technical point of view, “the going gets tough”. In the past he worked for Teko Telecom and Eurocom where he cooperated with large telecommunication companies
Andrea Zoffoli
Andrea ZoffoliSenior engineer
Andrea is really a reference point in broadcasting and Telecommunications in general. RF is probably in his DNA because his family played a big role in the growth of Italian privately owned TV networks. In the past, he worked for Teko Telecom and Elber where his team installed, repaired and commissioned telecommunication systems almost everywhere in the world.
Marco Mastroforti
Marco MastrofortiSenior engineer
Marco started to cooperate with Nexum since 2012 and he soon earned a big reputation for the staff and for its Customers. His competencies include Oil & Gas, mobile standards and broadcasting.
Gerardo Demmi
Gerardo DemmiTelecom engineer
Gerardo is endowed with a solid technical background combined with a relaxed helpful nature. Thanks to these qualities he earned an important role in our organization and great respect from the colleagues.
Laura Landi
Laura LandiTelecom engineer
Laura is endowed with a solid technical background combined with a relaxed helpful nature. Thanks to these qualities he earned an important role in our organization and great respect from the colleagues.
Roberta Canciani
Roberta CancianiFront office manager / administration
Roberta supports to all the staff. We will never be grateful enough…
Mirco Biagetti
Mirco BiagettiSenior technician
Mirco works with Nexum since a long time. Calm, optimistic and positive: a solid colleague. He is a stand out professional when work at height are required.
Federico Comini
Federico CominiJunior technician
Federico has quickly acquired all the necessary skills to carry out measures and activities in the field.
Lorenzo Toni
Lorenzo ToniTecnico specializzato senior
Lorenzo boasts a vast experience in power plant. Vast experience and great helpfulness.
Carlos Erwin Wenzel
Carlos Erwin WenzelSenior Engineer
Carlos, with his 30 years of experience in the design, installation and commissioning of both passive components (splitters, combiners and cavity filters) and antenna systems, is an irreplaceable colleague when the matter is broadcasting. He speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French.
Pierpaolo Tentoni
Pierpaolo TentoniSenior Engineer
Pierpaolo (AKA Pierre) has got a polyhedric talent for all aspects of R&D. He supports us from the microprocessor programming and to the commissioning of large telecommunication systems.

Certificates and Awards

Here at Nexum, we are committed to the continuos improvement of the quality of our services through:
  • close, long term and frank relationships with our Customers to understand where Nexum can get better
  • professional growth of the whole team through internal and external trainings
  • procedures that systematically check the level of the Customer satisfaction
  • ethic and positive “company climate”
  • attention to safety and wholesomeness at work
  • certifications (which we partially show here below)

Responsible for safety (RSPP) is “in-house” for a continuos relationship with the personnel in order to improve the safety procedures. The person in charge is telecommunication engineer Luca Guerra who follows specific trainings regularly.

Doing work at height, personnel owns all levels of certifications: from trainings regarding the use of specific PPE to the higher level of rope access.

Most of the team has been trained to the use of aerial work platforms.

Personnel involved in Marine and Oil & Gas missions owns highest level certifications such as BOSIET, ERP and so on.

Additional specific trainings for the Oil & Gas market, that our personnel owns, is H2S training, just to mention one.

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