Extensive experience at the service of our Customers

Nexum was born in 2008, but the experience in Telecommunications of its founders starts many years before: after a long term challenging experience into all fields of the telecommunication market, it was time to start their own business adventure. Nexum started supporting broadcasters and mobile operators and later on, all other sectors of the Telecommunications have been developed. Actually Nexum covers the whole spectrum of the Telecommunications. Nexum operates in Italy and abroad providing tailored services for its Customers. Our team is glad to provide its services from small feasibility studies to large turn-key telecommunication systems. Nexum’s portfolio of services includes: site surveys, feasibility studies, engineering, system integration, commissioning and maintenance activities. These services are provided to Oil & Gas market, TLC system integrators, mobile operators, broadcasters, railway operators and government. Our motto is “it doesn’t matter how difficult it is, if we’re talking about Telecommunications Nexum can do it”

Our Customers and Partner


RaiWay, We collaborate with the Italian leading broadcaster.

Fores Engineer

For the Oil&Gas industry we collaborate with  Fores Engineering  in developing TLC systems

Radio Frequency System

We supply RFS products with pre- and after-sales customer service


Together with Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie we work in Railway market for tunnel radio coaverage


Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Italian railway)We carry out radio-extension systems, electromagnetic impact assessments and TLC engineering services


We are working on the expansion and consolidation of the Iliad network


We carry out interference and Los measurements on the WindTre network


During the years, the collaboration with Sirti has consolidated, in order to offer services to mobile phone operators.


With Site Spa we cooperate to offer services to the mobile phone operators.


Together with Ceit we take care of the installation of radio links for mobile phone operators

Vem Sistemi

Together with Vem Sistemi we took care of the installation of some network infrastructures

Rosetti Marino

 Rosetti Marino Spa  operates  in the Oil & Gas industry. Nexum is glad to support it when the matter is telecommunications


On behalf of Syes a we have installed many liquid-cooled system in the Raiway network


We have carry out TV and FM radio broadcasting systems for SkyOne TV, Madagascar’s television network


With  Elber awe are managing important Raiway project


Screen, we develop important broadcasting systems abroad.

Some project executed for our clients

In these years we have worked in many contexts: in Oil&Gas, coming into contact with the peculiarities of this world, in Broadcasting area, appreciating the professionalism that allows Italian companies to be leaders in the world, we work with mobile phone operators whose dynamism and innovation are a stimulus for everyone, we work in Italian railways that invest a lot in new technologies and telecommunications. Our experience has also led us to deal with special situations such as the USA base in Aviano. Below is a list, necessarily not complete, of the works we have done. Jobs that have enriched us professionally and humanly, bringing us to confront the most diverse technological realities.

Microwave links

  • ASI equipment (made by Elber srl ) installation in the Raiway network in the whole italian country
  • Microwave links installation on Iliad network
  • Rai Way commissioned to Nexum to move some parabolic antennas at the top of telecom tower at its historical site in the downtown of Milan
  • Links installation on a broacasting network in Madagascar
  • About 500 interference measurement on behalf of the major Italian mobile phone operators
  • About 1000LOS (Line Of Sight) on behalf the major italian mobile phone operators

TLC services in Oil&Gas markets

  • Customer: Fores engineering. Oil Company: Petrobras (Brasil). Works carried out: Engineering and supply of TLC materials
  • Customer: Rosetti Marino. Oil Company: Total UK. Works carried out: Engineering and offshore commissioning (West Franklin platform)
  • Customer: Rosetti Marino. Oil Company: Total UK. Works carried out:Engineering and offshore commissioning (Elgin B platform)
  • Customer: Rosetti Marino. Oil Company: Foxtrot (Ivory Coast). Works carried out: Engineering, FAT, offshore commissioning (Marlin platform)
  • Customer: Saipem. Oil Company: Saipem. Works carried out: Tetra Radio coverage project using radiating cables
  • Customer: Fores Engineering. Oil Company: Saudi Aramco. Works carried out: commissioning& start-up offshore
  • Customer: Fores Engineering. Oil Company: Saudi Aramco. Works carried out: commissioning& start-up offshore

Radio Coverage

  • Radio frequency measurements and testing of GSM-R and public GSM repeater systems in Lecco Colico railway tunnels
  • Wifi radio coverage system installation using RFS radianting cables in the Bologna exhibition halls
  • Design, commissioning and testing of radiopropagation system at Cattolica Tunnel on the Adriatic railway line
  • In partnership with GCF spa, restoration of the radiopropagation systems of 14 railway tunnels on the Luino-Novara railway track
  • Multisystem and multi-operator radio coverage system installation with Huawei Lampsite 3.0 technology (in collaboration with Site Spa) in Le Befane shopping centre in Rimini
  • Design using IBWAVE tools for the radio coverage of about 40 km of tunnels in collaboration with Site Spa on behalf of WindTre.

Broadcasting equipment installation

  • RaiWay Salento-Turrisi broadcasting system 2,5Kw rms 4 Mux
  • RaiWay broadcasting system Martina Franca (Taranto) 5Kw rms 4Mux
  • Analogue (digital ready) TV broadcasting system in Manila (Philippines) 60Kw analogue
  • 40 DVBT systems on the RaiWay broadcasting network from 500Watt up to 1.5Kw

EMF Measurement

  • Electromagnetic Field measurement on behalf of ‘Rete Ferroviaria Italiana’
  • EMF analisys in work places on behalf of some manifacturing company

Consulting services

  • Troubleshooting on a DECT network with 2000 terminals
  • Passive Repeater application study in a highly shielding structure