Our services

Nexum with its services covers the whole spectrum of Telecommunications. From networking to radio links, from engineering to RF coverage enhancement, from broadcasting to fiber optic systems, Nexum has got a solution. Extensive experience, passion for our job and a complete set of state-of-the-art measurement instruments allow us to support our Customers with competitive and quality services. Nexum operates in Italy and abroad with small to large organizations including big names and small companies that approach Telecommunications marginally. Nexum portfolio of services can be tailored to fit all necessities, from feasibility studies to the supply of turn-key large telecommunication systems.

Microwave links installation

Nexum installs microwave links from 5GHz up to 80GHz. We take care of all issues. On request we can supply the metallic carpenrty. We have all the necessary instruments to perform the final testing
We are able to cover all the aspects concerning the activation of a telecommunications system: the survey, the measures in the field, the network design, the site design, the build of ad hoc carpentry, the installation of active parts, waveguides, cables and antennas. To complete the work we do the testing and we release all the detailed construction documentation.
Nexum provides single site installations as well as can take care of country-wide networks as it does for some Customers. Nexum also offers the complete management of the installation tasks including direct approach with the final Customer (or site administrator) for authorizations, government procedures, electromagnetic pollution predictions and reports (with legal value), responsibility and witnessing during commissioning and start-up activities.
Nexum owns a complete set of measurement instruments and qualified, motivated and experienced technicians able to provide every kind of commissioning & start-up.
Once installation and commissioning have been completed, Nexum offers to its Customers the activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance being able to provide H 24 / D 365 assistance.

TLC services in Oil&Gas markets

Nexum boasts a long term experience in telecommunications with a particular focus in the Oil & Gas Industry. Nexum engineers and technicians possess all training and certifications to operate worldwide on-shore and off-shore.

Nexum’s portofolio of services

  • pre-sales & sales engineering
  • feasibility studies
  • team leading
  • conceptual and Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • detailed Engineering
  • project management
  • IATs & FATs
  • installation of telecommunication systems
  • inspections and witnessing at vendors & sub-vendors
  • mechanical completion of telecommunication systems
  • commissioning e messa in servizio di sistemi telecom
  • commissioning of telecommunication systems
  • trainings

Engineering activities:

  • network & system design
  • network load calculation
  • block diagrams & interconnection wirings
  • coverage studies (PA/GA & radio)
  • optical budgets
  • power load calculations
  • heat dissipation calculations
  • MTBF calculations & system availability
  • test lists, IAT and FAT documents
  • installation & maintenance manuals

Nexum provides its services with all typical on-board technological systems such as:

  • Public Address General Alarm (PA/GA)
  • LAN (Wi-Fi, copper & optical networks)
  • microwave & V-SAT links
  • entertainment systems (conventional and IP)
  • telephone systems (conventional and IP)
  • CCTV systems (conventional and IP)
  • analog & digital VHF and UHF radios (FM, TETRA and DMR)
  • off-shore LTE systems
  • NDBs
  • ACS and IDS systems
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (2 way radios and mobile standards)

Our team possesses all trainings and qualifications to operate worldwide on-shore and off-shore:

  • EBS
  • HUET
  • survival at sea
  • work at height
  • safety of electrical works
  • H2S
  • first aid
  • fire fighting

During the last years Nexum operated worldwide:

  • South America: Brazil
  • Africa: Nigeria, Congo, Tunisia, Avory Coast, Algeria, Madagascar
  • Asia and Middle East: Siria, Saudi Arabia, Philippines
  • Europe: UK, France

Indoor Radio Coverage

Nexum offers telecommunication engineering with a 360° vision, site surveys, site engineering, sales & pre-sales support, feasibility studies, team leading, project management. All these services are deeply tailored to fit our Customer necessities. Our extensive experience in the telecommunication market, during the years, allowed us to propose highly innovative and cost effective solutions.
We are able to make the radio coverage design, find the technology providers, make equipment testing and commissioning, and the final coverage measurements. All of this also in the railway environment
What Nexum offers to its Customer: pre-sales & sales engineering, feasibility studies, conceptual and Front End Engineering Design (FEED), detailed engineering, coverage studies, link’s Line-Of-Sight, project management, optical budgets, IATs & FATs, inspections and witnessing at vendors & sub-vendors, availability calculations, diagrams, layouts and training.
360° knowledge, cooperation with leading manufacturers of telecommunication equipment and with all market players allow us to support our Customers during all phases of the engineering.
Thanks to the partnership with Radio Frequency System we are able to supply antennas, coaxial cables and above all high performance radiant cables that comply with all the latest European safety regulations.

LOS and RF interference measurements

Prior to install new radiating telecommunication equipment such as radio links or base stations, a RF survey (all directions and, at least, all the bands which will be used) is strongly recommended (in most cases is legally mandatory). Sometime the quality of the communications of existing plants worsen and the research for RF interference sources becomes necessary. Again, in few cases, simulators can’t guarantee a really free Line-Of-Sight and so, prior to install a new radio link system (spending time and money) is better to verify. In all these cases, our team gives a fast and reliable answer from 2 GHz up to 30 GHz. Nexum usually offers these services to mobile operators, broadcasters and government.
Spectrum analysis is our most important and more used measurement instrument. Often these measures are performed at the top of a telecom tower or a telecommunication pole. For this reason, low weight, battery powered, small dimensions are a must. It’s not easy to find all those features combined with high sensitivity and low noise figure… After many years of measurements, we selected Advantest U3771Keysight Field Fox and Keysight HSA which Nexum owns in several units.
To isolate the exact direction from where the RF interference comes, Nexum uses an extensive set of horn antennas (from large to narrow bandwidth). All of them, like all our instruments, own the calibration certificate.

Broadcasting equipment installation

Nexum installs and commissions all kinds of telecommunication system. In its portfolio of successfully commissioned systems, Nexum boasts from very high power liquid cooled transmitters to microwave links located in difficult environments.
Nexum provides single site installations as well as can take care of country-wide networks as it does for some Customers. Nexum also offers the complete management of the installation tasks including direct approach with the final Customer (or site administrator) for authorizations, government procedures, electromagnetic pollution predictions and reports (with legal value), responsibility and witnessing during commissioning and start-up activities. Territory presence, turn-key capability, a solid and motivated team and 360° knowledge allow us to offer cost effective and innovative solutions.

Electromagnetic pollution evalution and safety at work places

Electromagnetic fields are usually generated by telecommunication equipment as well as large electrical plants. Nexum owns a great experience in radio frequency (and all related regulations), specific measurement instruments and possesses all qualifications to issue reports with legal value. Nexum offers these services to broadcasters and mobile operators (to certify that existing or new plants operate within the limits of applicable regulations), to government (railway operators and agencies) and to public and private companies to certify the safety and wholesomeness of work places.
Nexum’s test bench includes many measurement instruments. One of them is a portable electromagnetic field meter equipped with its probes. It operates stand alone or connected with a laptop by an optical fiber cable in order to keep the instrument electrically isolated. One of the probes often used is for wide band measurements (from 100 kHz up to 7 GHz). It is an isotropic sensor and measures electromagnetic fields from 0,35 V/m up to 450 V/m. This test bench is normally adopted for measurements in mobile telephony (GSM, GSM-R, DCS, UMTS, LTE), Wi-Fi and broadcasting.
Another probe which Nexum adopted is an isotropic sensor suitable for the measurements of low frequency (from 5 Hz up to 100 kHz) electromagnetic fields. Its measurements are performed in 3 axis (x, y, z) by means a powerful built-in spectrum analyzer. A specific software suite, also in this case, allows the data management.

Structured cabling-Networking

The structured cabling and the computer networks complete the services offered by Nexum. On customer request we can provide all the elements for a LAN network (router, switch, access point,…). Our proposal are tailored ti the needs of the customer.
To complete the installation we carry out the test by issuing all the testing certificates. We also work on old networks to update and/or replace them trying to find the most suitable solution for the customer’s needs.
We also take care of the electrical wiring and, if necessary, we make small switchgear with all the necessary documentation of conformity.