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Passive Repeater application study in a highly shielding structure

There are situations where the radio frequency signal cannot penetrate into highly shielded structures (shielding greater than 30dB). In these cases active repeaters are used to amplify the signal inside the structure. This is not always possible. For example when the system to be extended is a simplex (same up and down link frequency). Our client asked us to evaluate the effectiveness of a passive repeater (only external pick-up antenna and internal coverage antenna). We first carried out a theoretical study and then we carried out a campaign of measures that confirmed what we had asserted in the preliminary study.

Troubleshooting on a DECT network with 2000 terminals

Integratori di sistema

Integratori di sistema

We were called to work at a very large production facility with an extremely complex and articulated DECT system with 271 RBS and 1200 terminals. The coverage was excellent, but the users complained that the communications in limited and precise areas were of very poor quality. After an accurate interference research that led us to exclude the presence of sources of interference, we identified some peculiarities in the building structure that emphasize the multipath and therefore the self-interference of the system. To reach this result we have realized several measurement banks implemented for the purpos